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Land Sales

Welcome to State of Alaska Land Sales

photo of land for sale

Alaska State Land Auction (#484) Closed
Bid opening on July 11, click here to view the results

This program allows Alaska residents to bid on a parcel of land that has been surveyed and appraised. The current auction is now open (Auction #484). We are accepting sealed bids from March 23rd until June 29th at 5 P.M. Visit the auction page to view land parcels which are open for bidding.
2018 Brochure PDF
Brochure Errata (updated 6/29/18) PDF Visit auction page
photo of land for sale

Agricultural Land Auction (#485)Remaining Parcels are Available OTC

This program allows anyone (resident or non-resident) to bid on a parcel of agricultural land. Agricultural land has covenants and conditions so please read the brochure before bidding. The current auction (#485) has 5 parcels available and is accepting sealed bids from April 26th until June 7th at 4 P.M. Visit the Agricultural Auction page to view available parcels.
Apparent High Bidders PDF (6/14/2018)
2018 Brochure PDF
Brochure Errata PDF Visit Agricultural auction page
photos of land for sale

Over-the-Counter (OTC) ProgramOpen

This program allows anyone (resident or non-resident) to purchace available land at a fixed price in designated areas. Visit the OTC Sales page to view the currently available land parcels. Visit OTC Sales page
remote staking markings on a tree

Remote Recreational Cabin Sites ProgramApplications Closed

This program allows Alaska residents to stake a parcel of state land in a designated remote staking area, lease the land until DNR completes the survey and appraisal, and then purchase the land at market value.
2017 RRCS Brochure PDF
Brochure Errata PDF Visit remote staking page

Featured Subdivisions

Aerial view of the  Coffman Cove area.

Coffman Loop Phase I

Coffman Loop Subdivision, Phase I is located one mile south of Coffman Cove, 37 miles southwest of Wrangell, and 56 miles south of Petersburg, within Coffman Cove City Limits. Coffman Loop Phase I offers nicely wooded parcels on Prince of Wales Island tucked away in Coffman Cove.
Aerial view of Lake Louise East area.

Lake Louise East RRCS

Lake Louise East RRCS is approximately 120 miles northeast of Anchorage and 30 miles northwest of Glennallen. The parcels are between Lake Louise and Crosswind Lake.