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Copper River Basin Area Plan

Old Copper River Basin Area Plan
For the New Copper River Basin Area Plan Click Here

The first link on this page is for the entire document, which is quite large and may take considerable time to download on certain internet connections. The other links will take you to specific sections or pages for faster downloads.

PDF File of Entire Plan (PDF) (45 MB) Note: Once this PDF file is open, clicking on items in the Table of Contents will take you to corresponding sections.

Chapter 1. Introduction (PDF)

Includes: Summary of Purpose, How this Document is Organized, Description of Planning Area, Why Plan for Public Land, Planning Process and Management Structure, Summary of Plan Implementation, Summary of Process for Modifying the Plan

Chapter 2. Areawide Land Management Policies
Chapter 3. Land Management Policies for each Management Unit

Introduction (PDF)

Includes: Surface and Subsurface Land Use Designations, Resource Management Areas, Management Guidelines, Areas Proposed for Legislative Designations, Flexibility of the Plan

Map of Management Units (PDF)

  1. Nelchina River/Tazlina River (PDF)
  2. North of Nelchina River (PDF)
  3. North of Tazlina River (PDF)
  4. North of Glenn Hwy. Near Snowshoe Lake (PDF)
  5. Lake Louise Road Area (PDF)
  6. Crosswind Lake Area (PDF)
  7. Crosswind Lake (PDF)
  8. Tazlina, Kaina, & St. Anne Lakes Area (PDF)
  9. Between Tazlina & Klutina Rivers (PDF)
  10. West of Tazlina Lake (PDF)
  11. Chugach Mountains (PDF)
  12. Klutina Lake & River (PDF)
  13. Chugach Glaciers (PDF)
  14. Tonsina Lake (PDF)
  15. Thompson Pass (PDF)
  16. Tiekel/Richardson (PDF)
  17. Tonsina Plateau (PDF)
  18. Lower Tonsina/Edgerton Highway (PDF)
  19. Squirrel Creek/Mount DuRelle (PDF)
  20. Willow Creek (PDF)
  21. Tazlina (PDF)
  22. Mount Drum Bluffs (PDF)
  23. Glennallen/Gulkana (PDF)
  24. Long Lake/Fireweed Mt. (PDF)
  25. McCarthy/Nizina River (PDF)
  26. Lower Gakona River (PDF)
  27. Gulkana River/Richardson Hwy. (PDF)
  28. Summit Lake (PDF)
  29. Upper Gakona, Chistochina, & Slana River Drainages (PDF)
  30. Alaska Range (PDF)
  31. Slate Creek/Chisna River (PDF)
  32. Slana/Mentasta (PDF)
  33. Copper & Chitina Rivers, Other Navigable Tributaries (Not Mapped) (PDF)
Chapter 4. Implementation (PDF)

Includes: Introduction, Proposed Selections, Relinquishments and Exchanges, Land Use Classifications, Management Plan Priorities, Recommendations for Legislative Designations, Procedures for Plan Modification and Amendment

  1. Explanation of Resource Policies in the Plan (PDF)
  2. Glossary (PDF)
  3. Publications Related to the Area Plan (References) (PDF)
  4. Trails (PDF)
  5. Summary Brochure of the Plan (PDF)


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