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Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Division of Mining, Land and Water

Statewide Abatement of Impaired Land (SAIL)

Photo example of impaired land taken from ground level

Welcome to the Statewide Abatement of Impaired Land (SAIL) website. SAIL is a section within the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Division of Mining, Land and Water (DMLW). In keeping with DNR's mission to develop, conserve and maximize the use of Alaska's natural resources consistent with the public interest, SAIL's role is to provide expertise on and coordinate the management, prevention, and reduction of: contamination, solid waste, and abandoned and derelict vessels (ADVs), on state-managed land and waters. SAIL is also the department's lead section for spill response and preparedness, ensuring DNR is prepared to assist in the response to spills impacting state-managed resources. SAIL's goal is to support responsible use of Alaska's resources, not by creating confusing rules, but by providing a predictable business model within which industry and others can work productively and safely.

These functions were previously performed by other sections in DMLW. These functions were consolidated into the SAIL section to streamline interactions with state and federal environmental regulators, standardize customer expectations, and provide a consolidated source of information for businesses and individuals so they can efficiently and responsibly operate on state land. SAIL has staff in all three DNR regions.

Impaired lands are areas where land use is affected by solid waste, hazardous substance or petroleum spills, abandoned or derelict vessels, or contaminants that remain on the land after initial response and remediation efforts conclude, and which require ongoing management.

SAIL serves as the initial public or industry point of contact regarding impaired lands. It supports and coordinates with other DNR divisions, including the Alaska Division of Oil and Gas (DOG), and with DMLW's Mining, Water, Realty Services, and Land Conveyance sections and regional land offices.

The North Slope Team based in DMLW's Northern Region Office remains the state's primary point of contact for contamination involving North Slope oil and gas activities and will coordinate with SAIL and DOG.

Photo example of impaired land taken from a fly over
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