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Casefile Summary
RST 1721
Kashwitna River Trail
Trail Location
The Kashwitna River Trail Is Located in Southcentral Alaska
Approximately 60 Miles North of Anchorage. the Route Runs Eastward
From the Caswell Lake Road, 1/4 Mile West of the Southern End of
Caswell Lake, Crossing the North Fork of the Kashwitna River and
Continuing Along the Northern Side of the Kashwitna River. the
Route Terminates Near the Headwaters of the Kashwitna River,
Approximately 40 Miles From Its Point of Origin. the
Location of the Trail, Based On Historical Evidence, Has Been
Mapped By DNR, Division of Land Personnel, On USGS 1:63,360
Talkeetna Mountains A-6 and A-5 and On Anchorage D-6 and D-7
Quadrangle Maps.
Historic Documentation
The Kashwitna River Trail Was Historically Used To Access the
Talkeetna Mountains.
A Synopsis of Historic Documentation (Copies of Sources in File)
Regarding Construction Or Use of the Route Follows:
1935: USGS Bulletin #864-B, Mineral Resources of Alaska,
Report On Progress of Investigations in 1931, P.S. Smith and
Others, Contains Plate I, "Map of the Southwestern Part of the
Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska," Which Shows the Route. the Report
Contains A Section Titled "The Willow Creek-Kashwitna District,"
Stephen R. Capps and Ralph Tuck, Which States: "The Drainage
Basins of the Kashwitna River and of Little Willow Creek Can Be
Reached From the Railroad Stations of Willow, Kashwitna, and
Caswell. the Kashwitna Basin Is Most Easily Reached From
Caswell. From This Point There Are 4 Miles of Wagon Road Leading
Northeastward To A Lake Locally Known As "Caswell Lake", Where
There Is A Fur Farm. From This Lake A Passable Pack Trail Runs
Eastward To the North Fork of the Kashwitna River. This Trail
Leads Up the North Fork, But Faint Trails Also Continue Directly
Eastward Along the North Side of the Kashwitna Almost To Its
Headwaters. Pack Horses Can Be Taken Along This Route From
Caswell Up the Kashwitna River for A Distance of About 40 Miles,
Although Some Care Must Be Exercised in Crossing Swamps,
Particularly Those in the Susitna Valley. From the Station of
Kashwitna There Is A Winter Trail Leading Back To the Mountains,
But No Summer Trail Is Known To the Writers."
Land Status
Division of Land Personnel Researched State Status Plats, Bureau
Of Land Management (BLM) Master Title Plats and BLM Historical
Indexes To Identify Servient Estates and Historic Federal
Servient Estates and Withdrawals As Shown On Bureau of Land
Management and Alaska Division of Land Records Are Listed As
1. State of Alaska;
2. University of Alaska;
3. Cook Inlet Region,, Incorporated;
4. Caswell Native Association,, Inc.;
5. 1001758, Homestead Entry; Date of Entry: 9/12/21;
6. 50-64-0037, Small Tract Lease; Date of Application:
7. 50-65-0229, Small Tract Lease; Date of Application:
8. Bureau of Land Management;
9. Matanuska-Susitna Borough;
10. ADL 22538, Agricultural Sale Comp; Date of Application:
11. ADL 26567, Agricultural Sale Comp; Date of Application:
12. ADL 22524, Agricultural Sale Comp; Date of Application:
13. BLM Management Order 54, Small Tract Classification,
3/5/52, Affecting T22n, R4w, Sm, Cancelled 4/22/65;
14. BLM Management Order 276-Nc; Small Tract
Classification, 4/21/59, Affecting T22n, R4w, Sm, Section 10 and
11. Partially Cancelled By Management Order 2, 11/16/59;
15. A026736, Withdrawal Timber Reservation, 5/20/54,
Affecting Metes and Bounds Within T22n, R3w, Sm and T22n, R2w,
Acceptance of Grant
The Earliest Reservation Along the Subject Route Was for 1001758,
Homestead Entry; With An Entry Date of 9/12/21. Documentation in
The File Shows Construction Or Use of the Route Occurred By 1935.
The Grant of the RS 2477 Right-Of-Way for the Trail Was Accepted
By Construction and Use, Subject To Valid, Existing Rights, When
The Land Was Not Reserved for Public Purposes.

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