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RS2477 Trails Search Menu


STATEWIDE SEARCH BY USGS QUADRANGLES: Click on the map icon to view a statewide map of USGS Quad maps to select. Click here

TRAILS BY USGS QUAD MAP: To see a list of all trails researched in a selected USGS Quadrangle select a quadrangle from the drop down box and click Submit.

(only quadrangles with routes identified are options in the drop down box)
QUALIFIED ROUTES: To view the case file summary select one of the qualified trails in the drop down box below and choose submit.
ROUTES RESEARCHED:To view the case research status of a trail, select a trail name below and choose submit.

CASEFILE NUMBER: If you know the casefile number enter the number below and choose submit to view the Departments casefile summary.

Select an RST Number.
(An RST No. is the Departments Casefile Number)

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Go the DNR Map Library and view any maps created relating to the RS2477 Project.  

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